rosalie citroën club

auto moto retro rouen 2017

For our third year at the « Rouen Auto Moto Retro », we have innovated. The theme proposed by the Citroën Association was « The Utility Vehicles ». We decided to play the game, something not easy because Rosalie's utilities are not legion. Thanks to our friend Gilles, yes he is named Gilles as our president, we were able to exhibit a 850 kg, 11 U elevated van from 1937, a vehicle that is actually quite unusual. A barn exit, first hand, that its current owner uncovered, at the bottom of a barn whose roof threatened to fall on this rare and beautiful car, in a lost corner of the Haute-Loire. Its owner used it to transport vegetables from his farm. After removing him from his gangue, his new owner, under the spell of this car, decided to do the minimum amount of work on it. The engine is redone, the brakes are redone and the electricity is back on the road again. Our citroënist friend had come with a DS station wagon, also coming out of the barn and in his juice, which was used as a pretext for a shoe shop, a glimpse of his club's stand will allow you to judge how they rivalled with ingenuity to stick to the theme of utility vehicles. Our members who visited us at the Rosalie Citroën Club stand were able to see the enthusiasm of the visitors for this van in its juice.

A glimpse of our neighboring booth, which presented a superb commercial Traction.

Few pre-war vehicles in Rouen, so you will have to settle for what beautiful cars gleaned from the stands.